17.03.2009 00:00:00


I can trace my fingers

across the broken bones

of yesteryears far told.

I feel the blood spilled poppies

that haunted whispers blow.

My heart lays deep buried

with the grievances of families

who lost love's last touch

upon the heart of Normandy.

I strive to hear the sparrows

singing strong and brave

to a country's failing sorrow

and a love that can't be saved.

From these poppies grow

an honour long foretold

of simple people and simple lives

who's darkness brough my light.

I will never see thee,

love will pass you by,

your dreams will create a mist

that lonely hearts will cry.

Shadow's softened light

will teach me how to love,

when bones of the past

leave me all alone.

Why can we not exist together

in our secret garden.

I live to see this day when

our heart will come together

and hsed tears no more.

by Christina Clark