17.03.2009 00:00:00

A Perfect Ending To A Perfect Day

At the end of our day,

I spend some time just looking into your eyes,

Lingering in the moment,

Cherishing how it feels to have you touch me.

I kiss you,

And feel your tongue slip past mine,

Teasing me, exciting me, making me ache,

Wanting you to take me.

I lay back on the bed, pleading without words.

I am breathless with anticipation,

Gazing up, as you are standing over me, smiling,

Making me wait, while you admire what you've done.

I anxiously raise my hips to greet your stare,

Beckoning you to enter me,

As if the lips hidden there,

Could speak for me, to some other part of you.

Then finally, you grant me relief,

As you penetrate my entire being.

I put my feet upon your chest to brace you,

To steady us both,

As you thrust yourself deep inside me, again and again.

You reach places within me,

I thought were untouchable,

And the pain hurts so good,

That I can't keep from screaming out.

And you wonder, for a second,

If possibly, you are hurting me,

But you know that I am really

Just out of my head with ecstasy.

My eyes are open, so that I can catch you,

As you are taking your satisfaction in watching me.

You seem to take pride in knowing that it is you,

That has caused these looks to come across my face,

That show you your power over me,

To make me feel alive.

And then you say to me, "Oh Baby,"

As you start to look at me dreamily,

And you shake your head, shyly grinning,

Revealing to me, my own power.

Then I know you are close to leaving me,

Traveling to that place I cannot follow.

I ask you not to go,

Trying with all my might, to make you stay,

As I say, "easy, wait," and push you to your back,

Climbing atop you.

Then ever so slowly, I navigate you once again,

To the edge of your own heaven,

As I find that perfect rhythm of my own,

Hardly breathing.

And as I start to throb, I become the one,

Who cannot be stopped from taking flight,

As I ride you wildly, out of this realm,

To my own promise land.

And when I come back to you,

I find to my delight,

That you have also just returned to the ground,

From a visit to a paradise,

That we both, together found!